"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." 

Ben Franklin - 1781


"Let us help you navigate the path to financial security"

CDC Insurance Service, Inc.

Eric S. Wallace
Eric is the founder of CDC Insurance Service, Inc. and has over 40 years of experience helping his clients achieve financial security. Eric and his family have lived in, and actively contributed, to the community of Morgan Hill for over 30 years.

He is past President and remains an active member of the
Morgan Hill Downtown Association, a member of the
Chamber of Commerce, a member in good standing of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors and an approved member
of the National Ethics Bureau.

Our Safe Money advisory team's mission is to create the ideal retirement, free of worry and stress, by putting our clients' retirement “nest egg” in a position to create wealth and work smarter, without exposure to unsuitable risks.

Contact Information:
25 West 4th Street,
Morgan hill, CA 95037

Office: (408) 779-0232 
Eric Wallace   CA Ins. License #0453306



                          Losses Hurt

          Loss                      Gain Required

    Average bear market decline

          -38%                         +61%

    Last bear market decline

          -47%                         +89%

    Don't go backwards

1. What is Warren Buffet's #1 rule for investing?

2. How about rule #2?

3. Financial rule of 100-Common sense, practical


Where Should My Foundational Money Go?

Do I invest in the markets for greater upside potential and take the risk of market downturns?


Should I place my money in fixed investments for a higher degree of safety to avoid losses but potentially miss out on market participation?

Is it possible to balance both aspects?


Conservative Accumulation Characteristics

1. Principle is protected from market risk.

2. Annual gains are "Locked In" and can never be lost due to   future market declines.

3. Interest earnings are based on a percentage of the upward movement in stock & bond market indices - while providing a minimum guaranteed return.

Win by not losing

Remember Warren Buffet's top two investing rules!

Rule #1; Don't lose money!

Rule #2; Refer to rule #1!


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